Comprehensive maintenance and repair of stern gear systems

At Cutler Marine, our commitment to comprehensive marine services extends to the maintenance and repair of vital stern gear systems. We are well-equipped to perform a range of essential services to ensure the optimal performance of your vessel. From cutlass bearing replacement to repacking stern glands, we address every aspect of your stern gear to guarantee smooth and efficient operation.

Our expertise includes the meticulous replacement of cutlass bearings, a critical component that supports the propeller shaft. With our meticulous approach, we ensure that your bearing replacement is executed flawlessly, minimising wear and enhancing the performance of your marine systems. Additionally, our professionals excel in repacking stern glands, a process that prevents water ingress into the vessel while maintaining proper lubrication.

We also specialise in new shaft seal installations, a fundamental aspect of preventing water from entering the vessel’s hull. Our precision and attention to detail ensure that your shaft seal functions seamlessly, maintaining a watertight seal and protecting your marine systems. Moreover, our services encompass precise engine alignment, a crucial factor in ensuring the longevity and efficient operation of your propulsion system.

Furthermore, we offer propeller services, including inspection, repair, and replacement. Our technicians are skilled in assessing propellers for damage or wear, recommending necessary repairs or replacements to optimise your vessel’s performance.

Cutler Marine’s dedication to providing comprehensive stern gear services ensures that your vessel operates at its best. We can guarantee you a safe and enjoyable boating experience, with every aspect of your marine systems working seamlessly together. Trust us to deliver professional stern gear services that align with our commitment to excellence in the marine industry.